The world in its real sense..

Life as we see it as both the good, the bad, and the ugly. What ever role we belong to is based on what we do. Someone once told me that we are all ugly and beautiful at the same time, but, it is what we add to the face that brings out the best in us. Its takes a whole lot of effort to be where we are today. Everyday,the world is changing, minds are at work, people are trying to earn a living while some are just trying to find where they belong in this world. Sometimes, I wonder why we actually have to work so hard,it later dawned on me that no matter how far u want to go in life you’ve got to take the first step and keep on climbing until you’ve gotten to the top. Obviously.

The world is in chaos. So many lives have been lost over the years due to kidnapping or bombing. The government themselves are devastated by what is going on  currently. Feeding is a problem, Riot all over the place, People out on the street everything as gone wrong.

“people where meant to be loved, and things used; but now things are being loved and people used”.



The world Is a beautiful place. Lets no forget that behind all this disaster, there is a place of rest. My sister keeps on believing that on day the world would change for the better. I believe in those words, no matter how long we would get there. We are able to survive because we are all under Gods grace. “I would definitely love to visit all the most beautiful places know”. What about You?most-beautiful-place-in-the-world

The world is waiting for you to explore it…..Make sure u maximize it.


What Christmas like all around

To be sincere Christmas this isn’t as fun as that of last years. The Christmas spirit this year is not really showing out on the streets. Whats out there is just people trying to make a few bucks to spend on their loved ones this few remaining days. someone told me something, he said, “Christmas is not in the air, but in the heart”.  Don’t know why, but i guess he was kinda write. All in all, Wishing every one a very Merry Christmas and great upcoming year.


Things really got out of hand on friday, as people really got out to stores just to get on sale products. This just prove how desperate people can be for minimum price. 50%, 75%, 90% matter what it is prople just want to have a taste of lowest possible price. Not that it isnt good, but i mean looking at walmat we could see what black friday really felt like.  Tesco and Asda could definitely tell 1 or 2 things that they actually went through just to get every available goods sold out. _79361298_79357959

55 Years almost Near

In less Than 3 hours, the most populated country in Africa(Nigeria), celebrates its independence in another grand style. Lots of traditional wears and make-ups getting ready to be displayed..Nigeria, as been through a lot of challengies and trials over the last 50 years with corruption and bad leaders. But, to be honest, no country is without a fault. Not withstanding they haven’t giving up, they  still believe that their blessed coun try still has the ablity  to change for the better. But

Lots of preparation as beeen going on just to celebrate another birthday. Not mention some international artist like Jidenna(born Nigerian) also celebrates the nation in grand style.

To be all sincere, Nigeria is one of the best countries ever. Just speaking my mind. The country might not be well developed, or corrupt, that does not matter to the citizens. Why?, because no matter what happens, or how long it takes, Nigeria will get there one day…

This is a true Nigerian….Celebrate October 1st with Nigeria.

The cruelty on Ramadan Celebration

Life as we see it, as both the good, bad and funny and crazy. Sometimes what we don’t plan for, is exactly what we face. Many people find it hard to face the reality happens to them .  Some slip into a comma, some just can’t get over it.  On the 24th of September ,  many life’s were lost in a stampede which happens in mecca. Over 700 souls where lost on the most important day in the Muslim  religion…. Many Muslim leaders and important people who went just to celebrate lost their life’s, at the most unexpected time…

Today I discovered that a friend of my mum lost her husband in the mecca incident…. On hearing the news, the woman fainted and  everyone around cried  with her.. This got me thinking about the families  of the remaining 716 who died ….



Taking food to a whole new level

Its quite funny to really understand what we actually  consume in the world today…..I men first it was all natural , then became full of  chemicals and sweet stuff…..now it all about lab making of food.

Ladies and gents the The First ever Lab-Grown Burger as  been verified and also tasted. It’s quite funny when you enter a McDonald’s

And begin to wonder if what u are actually eaten is natural food or just flour and other chemicals all mixed in one good looking meal.
And it “almost” tastes like real thing. After five years and $330,000 dollars worth of research money, the fake beef in the world’s first lab-grown burger was finally cooked and eaten. It was created from stem cells in a London lab and was funded primarily by Google cofounder Sergey Brin. It’s still unclear whether something like this could truly solve world hunger, but it’s an incredible technological accomplishment in its own right.


Tag, You’re It


While getting dressed for work this morning I carefully tore away the dry cleaner tag stapled around the collar label inside my new shirt. There had been enough obnoxious tags to remove when I bought it, now back from the dry cleaner it had another.

Ughhh…one last tag.

That tiny ripping sound as I removed it reminded me of new clothes I bought back in my college years. On the first of maybe two shopping “sprees” in my life, I’d come away with several new shirts and pairs of pants.

My spree had run late by the time I got home. Not bothering to wash them before going to bed I promptly put the new clothes away – by tossing them in a lump across the back of a chair. Those were college years, after all. The next morning I dressed hurriedly, about to be late for class, and eagerly…

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens set for record $615m opening


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is predicted to smash the world record for biggest global box-office opening this December with a haul in the region of $615m (£398m), according to Hollywood trade bible Deadline.

The site claims a combination of Star Wars’ enduring multigenerational popularity, a lack of competition around the film’s 18 December opening and the increasing ability of digital projection to add screens in rapid time to meet demand will power JJ Abrams’s film way beyond the $524.4m mark reached by Jurassic World in June. Deadline also believes increases in the number of Imax screens (from 800 to to 920 worldwide by December), which draw a higher premium, will benefit the film.
The Force   Awakens  ….


A lot of peole seem to be in a really good to take a picture this days. But to take a picture from such height would seem rather. to intense to say…..I mean its not like its all that easy to climb to tha very top of a sky scrapper, but its quite a bit a little over rated to pull out such a stunt……

I would really contemplate that one who is doing such for he first time should definitely wear a parachute pack…


France is today preparing to conduct land, air and sea searches for more wreckage from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

The move follows confirmation by the Malaysian government on Wednesday that wing debris washed up on the Indian Ocean island of Réunion was part of the missing plane.

Prime Minister Najib Razak said investigators analysing the debris in France had “conclusively confirmed” that the plane crashed into the southern Indian Ocean after veering off course between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing with 239 passengers  and crew on board.

“I would like to assure all those affected by this tragedy that the government of Malaysia is committed to do everything within our means to find out the truth of what happened,” he said.